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Dr Andrew Horton

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About Andrew

Born and raised on the beautiful Sunshine Coast, I have always loved the outdoors and being close to the beach. This love for the outdoors inherently fed my appetite for adventure and subsequently a neck injury in my teenage years. It was at this point that I was exposed to chiropractic and just how fascinating the human body really is. I went on to complete a certificate 4 in therapeutic and remedial massage, however, I was still curious as to what chiropractic was really about.

I knew I had a passion and drive to help people, but it was the influence of chiropractic that solidified this passion into not only an obsession but a career. So I packed my bags and moved to Melbourne with my partner Hollie, to begin a five-year double bachelor degree at RMIT University.

At Uni I developed a love for human anatomy, in particular, the spine and nervous system and how it can affect the way we move, think, function and ultimately live our lives!

This knowledge of the integral role of the spine and nervous system on our health and function is the driving force behind my goal to help empower people to take control of their health through the means of structural correction. For this reason, I strive to give you, your friends and family members the very best of chiropractic care to enhance your bodies own ability to heal, adapt and grow, no matter what life throws at you!

I look forward to helping you, help yourself!