About Nutrition Care

To be the best version of yourself we need to look at your current habits, emotional and physical needs, any health concerns you may have as well as the kind of foods you enjoy or don’t enjoy.

Once we have taken in the full picture, we can identify where you can make improvements and we will develop a practical and strategic action plan to immediately put this into place.

Our goal is to have you feeling and functioning optimally, eating nourishing foods and enjoying a vital life! In our view, health does not come from a bottle of pills and vitamins, so you can rest assure you won’t be recommended a mass of pills or potions. Instead, we focus on whole food based nutritional solutions and support.

You will be given thorough advice on what foods to eat, where to source the best products and supporting protocols as well as a comprehensive tailored guide to meet your personal needs.

Our vision is to assist your family to lead an EXTRAORDINARY, EMPOWERED & NATURAL life.

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Nutrition Care Maroochydore
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Frequently Asked Questions

We help people of all ages from prenatal women, children, teenagers, adults to the elderly. An individuals nutritional needs are really quite varied at each of these stages in life, so our recommendations and care will be tailored to these personal factors. 

100%, as what we recommend is real food!

No – our focus is about creating health not treating disease. The purpose of our nutritional care is to support your well-being through a healthy attitude, lifestyle, & nourishing eating. Though many diseases have roots in the inflammation that stems form poor lifestyle and eating habits our care should not be seen as a substitute for appropriate medical care. We are also always more then happy to work with your chosen health care provider to achieve the best care for you.

Individual experience varies from person to person but most people experience benefits in the way they feel, their energy and clarity as well as a sense of accomplishment in achieving their goals. It is important to note that it is common to initially feel worse as your body detoxifies. The individual expectations through care will be clearly laid out during your report visit. Your current health state is the byproduct of every physical, chemical and emotional stressor you have experienced in life from conception till now, so bear in mind that reversing this can take time. 

We are not a traditional nutritionist that you may have come across. With our functional understanding we do not fit the typical model private health funds recognise. Unfortunately, for this reason you cannot claim on our services.