Chiropractic Techniques

Advanced Bio-Structural Correction (ABC)

ABC is a revolutionary technique at the cutting edge of Chiropractic practice. This latest advancement has been widely practiced internationally and is now being pioneered by a small group of dedicated Chiropractors in Australia. You have never seen anything like it!

ABC’s focus is on correcting the things that the body cannot correct itself. When bones go out of place in a forward direction the body cannot self correct, as it has no muscle or combination of muscles to reposition the bones, the body then becomes stuck in a forward curve. All the body can do in this situation is compensate, so it twists up. Then compensates more, then some more until something gives. This type of forward curve physiology is carried all hours of everyday and puts tremendous stress on every organ, muscle, tissue and cell. You have probably seen people with this forward curve shape moving further and further forward with body problems bothering them more and more. 

Try this…force your body forward as much as possible, now take a big breath and notice its quality. Next, force your body upright and do the same thing. Notice the difference? ABC can help you experience this type of body.

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Sacro Occipital Technique (SOT)

SOT is a comprehensive, gentle and innovative technique of chiropractic care. It is so named because of the relationship between the Sacrum (base of the spine) and the Occiput (base of the skull).

One of the functions of the sacrum is to pump Cerebro-Spinal Fluid (CSF) from the base of the spine back up the spinal canal to the brain and throughout the nervous system. CSF acts as the circulatory system of the brain and spinal cord.

The pelvis forms the foundational support of the human skeleton. It supports the upper body right up to the skull, and enables us to transfer our weight to our legs. The spine holds our body upright, supports all of our organs and provides anchor points for our muscles. It also protects our nervous system. The nerve system controls our body, and can only function normally when our structures are balanced and our pelvis is stable.

SOT chiropractic care facilitates this balance for optimal health.

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SOT chiropractic technique

Neuro-Emotional Technique (NET)

NET is a mind-body technique that uses a methodology of finding and removing neurological imbalances related to the physiology of unresolved stress.

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Chiropractic Care Maroochydore NET testing
Chiropractic Care Maroochydore NET testing