What To Expect

First Visit

From the minute you walk in the doors you will feel the warm and welcoming environment of our practice. A team member will introduce themselves, orient you to the practice then settle you with a comfy seat and a cool drink for the consultation.

The Nutritional Consultant will have already reviewed your initial paper work, which will be sent to you online as a confirmation email when you book your first visit. At this point they will go through a thorough examination of your health history and eating habits as well an assessment of your needs and desired outcomes. This will create a comprehensive picture of your current concerns, past history and what can be done to help you.

At the end of this appointment, the Nutritional Consultant will provide a debrief of their findings, some immediately implementable steps and set up a time to present their comprehensive report of findings to you during the report visit. Please allow up to 90 minutes for this appointment.

Dallen Nutritionist Wave Vitality Maroochydore
Healthy drinks
Healthy eating guidance Maroochydore
Healthy eating guidance Maroochydore

Report Visit

At this appointment the Nutritional Consultant will detail a comprehensive report of their findings and an actionable practical plan for you moving forward. Together you will establish clear goals and expectations for each step of the plan. It is the responsibility of the Nutritional Consultant to support you with each of these steps and to make sure they are realistic, however, it is ultimately your responsibility to action them. Sickness does not happen overnight and as such restoring health takes time, so this may mean that multiple layered steps with separate protocols may be appropriate on your journey back to optimal health. Please allow around 60 minutes for this appointment.

Nutritionist Products
Nutritionist Products

Review Visits

At this appointment, we review your case and monitor your progress to ensure that you are on track with your outcomes. It is the intention of your Nutritional Consultant to give you extraordinary care and provide you the best opportunity to achieve amazing results. The review appointment may require refinement of your initial plan as well as plenty of encouragement, motivation and assurance to keep you on track. Please allow around 30 minutes for this appointment.

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Optimisation Visits

We want to be a constant source of support and guidance for you on your health journey! The optimisation visit is a annual ‘check-in’ for exisiting clients to assess how you are feeling and functioning. We have a working understanding of your case and what we have previously worked on together. This appointment gives the opportunity to refocus on the next area that needs attention or perhaps revisit some areas that may have been neglect in the busyness of life. This appointment may lead into a specific targeted plan and protocol or may simply be confirmation that you are doing well. Please allow around 30 minutes for this appointment.

Fees (Investment!)

First Visit:$200.00
Report Visit:$100.00
Review Visit:$60.00
Optimisation Visit:$100.00